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Venues for services on: Sabbath 13th April 2019 at 2.00pm.


London, Hillingdon, [with webcast for outlying members] at the Small Meeting Hall, All Saints Church, Long Lane, North Hillingdon, UB10 9JR. Parking spaces on site, and on Long Lane outside hall. The hall is a short walk from Hillingdon underground station (Zone 6 of both Metropolitan and Piccadilly lines).

Horton Kirby [Tonbridge congregation] This Sabbath and Passover

Horton Kirby And South Darenth Village Hall, Horton Road, South Darenth, Dartford, Kent DA4 9AX (DA4 9AZ for satnav)

Helpful information about the Horton Kirby Hall for Tonbridge congregation:

From Mike Murdoch: “The hall we are using on 13th April and for Passover is easy to reach by train. The station is called Farningham Road and is 4 stops from Victoria (after Bromley South, St Mary Cray and Swanley). The fast trains to Ramsgate and Dover do not stop at this station, only the stopping services stop there.

“The village hall is shared by two villages, Horton Kirby and South Darenth, hence the long name in the announcements. Farningham Road station is in South Darenth and is a 10 minute walk from the hall. Horton Kirby village is a few miles further down the road so it’s best to follow road signs for South Darenth or use a satnav as per the announcements.”


From Ministerial Services: Death of Les McCullough

On March 11, 2019, at 1:02 p.m., Leslie McCullough died peacefully with family members at his side. A private family service was held Thursday, March 14, in the morning, at the Gladewater cemetery. A memorial service took place that afternoon at the Croley Funeral Home in Gladewater.  A reception followed at the East Texas Church Hall. 

The following announcement was submitted by the family:

Leslie Leroy McCullough

Leslie Leroy McCullough died on Monday, March 11, 2019 at 1:02 p.m. He was 89 years old.

Les was born in Lincoln, Nebraska on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 28, 1929, to Arthur and Maude (Bascomb) McCullough. The youngest of six children, he and his family moved to Hillsboro, Oregon, in 1935, where he grew up.

Les and Marion (Rothery) were married in Portland, Oregon, on Feb. 29, 1952. In 1957 they moved, along with their daughter, Kimberly, to Pasadena, California, to attend Ambassador College, where he received his BA and later a Master’s Degree. Les was ordained as an elder in Worldwide Church of God in 1962. Two more children, Lynn and Michael, were born during this time.

In early 1965, Les and his family moved to Big Sandy, Texas, to take the position as the deputy chancellor at the new Ambassador College campus, a position he held until 1973. From that time on Les and Marion served in various capacities for the church and college, living in California, Canada, Ohio, South Africa, and England, before returning to Texas in 1995.

Les and Marion moved to Ohio in 1998 where Les served as president of United Church of God. Upon his retirement in 2002, they returned once again to East Texas.

Les was an avid outdoorsman who enjoyed hunting. He was preceded in death by his parents, Arthur and Maude McCullough, and siblings Hubert, Herbert, Ida, Vivian, and Doyle. Les is survived by his wife, Marion; two daughters and their spouses; Kimberly and Ron Mabry, Gladewater, Texas; Lynn and Matthew Gus, Plano, Texas; one son Michael, Minneapolis, Minnesota; and beloved dog Willie.

[A memorial service was held on Thursday, March 14, at 1:30 p.m. at Croley Funeral Home, 401 N. Center St, Gladewater, Texas. A  reception followed the memorial at the local COGWA church hall in Gladewater, Texas].

Marion McCullough, 7105 White Oak Rd, Big Sandy, TX 75755


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Report and Accounts

As is required by the law of the land, the Church submitted documents to the Charity Commission  by 31st October for 2017. Our financial year report runs from 1st January to 31st December and involves a summary of Receipts and Payments, the Independent Examiner’s Report, and the Trustees’ Annual Report, which are all available to view on the CharityCommission website. Click on “Find a ,” then search using our  number, 1141326.

 You may appreciate some of the details from the Trustees’ Annual Report 2017:

 Projects carried out by COGWA-BI office and ministry include meeting and counselling new contacts, new attendees, answering HQ emails sent to, writing articles for as well as the Ministerial Journal, and editing HQ articles and blogs.

Additional developments during 2017 include improvements in the weekly webcast, including updating Wirecast programme and sale of the AppleMac notebook. With the use of a green screen we are able to provide a consistent backdrop no matter where the service is held. No decision has been made to migrate our webcast from YouTube to COGWA.TV while we consider additional options.

For 2018, we have been asked to provide a UK site for the Feast of Tabernacles. Though most members are expecting to meet with our French brethren in Calais or attend the new site in Cortona, Italy, we have made provisional bookings at the Guildhall, Winchester.

Two ministers attended the International Ministerial Conference in McKinney, Texas. The next is scheduled for May 2019.

Discern subscriptions – a better uptake since HQ has been offering the magazine through regular LHT newsletters. After a renewal programme we now have 310 copies sent by mail each issue.

Circulation of One Accord – copies paid for by the UK are printed by HQ and sent by freight to the UK, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Copies for congregations in other parts of Africa are sent for congregational use by airmail with Discern from the US.

Database and 1&1 website facilities: The help of the technical team will be requested in making best use of the website and database options we have.

Ireland Charity update: An operational bank account is available now. The migration to become a Charity account is currently on hold. We aim to post European copies at a better postage rate from within the Euro zone.

Google Adwords results for 2017:

Paid ads: £10,600 brought 53,800 clicks (up 50% on 2016) by Britons to our webpages from 6.1 million offers to computer or mobile users. 26,000 visited our Encouraging Bible verse pages, and around 8,000 went to our daily Bible verse blog. 14,000 viewed the Encourage, Equip, Inspire tools for teaching children.

Ads from grants totalling $50,400 sent 1.8 million impressions to Britons during the year, and resulted in 36,400 UK viewers who clicked through to one of our webpages.

Local excerpts: 2018

UK visitors to Life, Hope & Truth website January to August

Since January this year nearly 47,000 UK people have visited our Life, Hope and Truth website as a result of seeing one of our paid GoogleAds. Although this is a small percentage (2.14%) of the 2.2 million advertisements that were provided as people searched, we only paid an average of £0.12 per person visiting the site (cost per click).

Once on the website, the reader can browse and search for many different subjects. There is no delay waiting for a booklet through the post, and if there is enough interest, a person can spend hours reading or downloading material to read later. (We also avoid the cost of printing and freighting the literature to our office followed by large postage bills and labour to post the items.)

The Google Grant programme enabled us to reach an additional 300,000 people with nearly 10,000 spending time on the Life, Hope and Truth website, without cost to us. Please continue praying that God will work in the minds of those who receive the seed of His word, bringing good results in their lives and preparing them for the return of Jesus Christ.

UK Advertisements for Life, Hope & Truth website

Here are the texts of some of the most successful 2018 advertisements that drew the UK public to Life, Hope and Truth website. Others will be tested throughout the year to focus on different issues and highlight various LHT articles.


What Is Original Christianity?

Apostle John dies 100AD, false teachings invade Church. Free mag examines verses.


Future In Bible Predictions - Bible Is Not Man's Ideas.

We can only know the future if God reveals it. The Bible is not man's ideas.


Bible Verses That Encourage Us - Some Help For Your Life

‪Read 50 encouraging Bible verses to help face life's challenges.


Future In Bible Predictions - Bible Is Not Man's Ideas

‪We can only know the future if God reveals it. The Bible is not man's ideas.


Some of the above short texts of our paid advertisements take the reader to Discern magazine, some to a specific part of the LH&T website (e.g. Prophecy). Each of the above advertisements were presented to over 180,000 searchers on the internet. 37,000 clicked through to the website, the most being for Encouraging Verses and Original Christianity.

Contact details:

Church of God, a Worldwide Association - British Isles

Registered address: 57 Coates Lane, High Wycombe, HP13 5ET

Contact phones: 01494 437 923, mobile: 07825 082873

Registered Charity 1141326

Discern magazine advertised in the UK

Printed copies of Discern magazine are being advertised to those who click through to our website from some of our GoogleAds. We have a moderate mailing list for the UK and Europe, and will continue to expand it as funds permit. There are still many in Britain who prefer to have a physical copy of their reading material, but the online version will continue to be promoted for those who read the magazine on iPads and notebooks.

Weekly webcasting of Church Services from the UK

Live webcast and replay of our UK Sabbath services online at YouTube, 13:30 UK time. 

Visit and enter COGWA-BI in the search box. 

Press "subscribe" to receive reminders. Alternatively, copy the URL below into your browser search bar:

We hope this will be helpful for those who are unable to be with us personally due to health or other circumstances. 

How to download COGWA sermons from HQ

Recent HQ video sermons:

To download and watch HQ sermons offline, click on the title "sermons" above, and then on the title of the sermon you wish to download. On the specific sermon page, click the word ‘Vimeo’ at the bottom right underneath the picture. This will open the Vimeo website with the sermon. Click on the word ‘Download’ below the picture.

Earlier sermons

Some earlier sermons:

I See Something in You given by Jim Franks

God formed man in His image.  We understand that man has an incredible potential to be part of the family of God.  What exactly do we mean by the expression "the incredible human potential."


Esau, Edom and Bitterness  given by Ralph Levy

A conflict that started in the womb is still with us today. Edom turned bitter. But what does that teach us as Christians in the twenty-first century?


God’s Blessing on His People given by Joel Meeker

A model prayer in the Old Testament teaches us many encouraging things about God's desire to bless His people.


Who Can you Trust? given by Clyde Kilough

Trust is probably at an all-time low in the world today. But what about among the people of God?  Who do you trust? Should you trust anyone?  Should anyone trust you?  What positive effects of trust, and the negative effects of not having trust? And what is the single most important spiritual quality that assures we can have strong trust within the body of Christ?


When Kings Go in to Battle given by Clyde Kilough

Why must Christians be on a lifelong quest to build godly character? This year's Winter Family Weekend theme centered on godly character, and this sermon examines how the greatest spiritual battles of our lives are often fought internally, and they are won or lost in the arena of our character.


The Destruction of Godliness  given by Jim Franks

What is godliness? How is it manifested in our lives? Slowly but surely we are witnessing the death or destruction of godliness. And the Church is also affected.


Honor to Whom Honor  given by David Johnson

In a world where disrespect is common, it is easy for the Christian to get caught up in that behavior.  But Scripture requires more than avoiding disrespect; it requires respect.  Respect toward our fellow humans and reverance toward God require a different way of thinking, and there is an important spiritual dimension.


Patience and the Plan of God given by Doug Horchak

We often want results fast in life.  God's plan is one that often involves the passage of time, which is also true in our lives as we learn and grow in faith.  Patience is an important element in the unfolding of God's great plan.


God’s Calling for Different Generations given by Clyde Kilough

In the Church today we see a large number of members who are “2nd generation” (or 3rd, 4th, or 5th). There are a number of important differences between “1st generation” Christians—those God called straight out of the world—and those who grew up in God’s way of life. Understanding these differences can greatly affect the way we view our calling, repentance and baptism, issues we deal with in maturing spiritually, and how we develop and influence our children.