Announcements for 21-08-2021

Venues for services on: Sabbath 21st August, 2021

London and Tonbridge combined at 1.30 pm Memorial Hall, Soper Hall, Caterham. Webcast available at

Sermon: Dr Ralph Levy

Future meetings:

1:30 pm: London, Hillingdon – August 28th, September 4th.
1:30 pm: Paddock Wood – August 28th, September 4th.
Feast of Trumpets – Tuesday 7th September, Soper Hall, Caterham, 1.30pm.
Day of Atonement – Thursday 16th September, Soper Hall, Caterham, 1.30pm.

*   Long Lane Community Hall, Hillingdon, UB10 9JR. Parking spaces behind hall. The hall is a short walk from Hillingdon underground station (Zone 6 of        both Metropolitan and Piccadilly lines).
** The Day Centre, Commercial Road, Paddock Wood, TN12 6DP. The hall is a short walk from Paddock Wood train station,  1 hour 15 minutes from St    Pancras station, London.

Discern magazine advertised in the UK

Printed copies of Discern magazine are being advertised to those who click through to our website from some of our GoogleAds. We have a moderate mailing list for the UK and Europe, and will continue to expand it as funds permit. There are still many in Britain who prefer to have a physical copy of their reading material, but the online version will continue to be promoted for those who read the magazine on iPads and notebooks.

Weekly webcasting of Church Services from the UK

Live webcast and replay of our UK Sabbath services online at YouTube

Visit and enter COGWA-BI in the search box. 

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We hope this will be helpful for those who are unable to be with us personally due to health or other circumstances. 

How to download COGWA sermons from HQ

Recent HQ video sermons:

To download and watch HQ sermons offline, click on the title "sermons" above, and then on the title of the sermon you wish to download. On the specific sermon page, click the word ‘Vimeo’ at the bottom right underneath the picture. This will open the Vimeo website with the sermon. Click on the word ‘Download’ below the picture.