Earlier sermons

Some earlier sermons:

I See Something in You given by Jim Franks

God formed man in His image.  We understand that man has an incredible potential to be part of the family of God.  What exactly do we mean by the expression "the incredible human potential."


Esau, Edom and Bitterness  given by Ralph Levy

A conflict that started in the womb is still with us today. Edom turned bitter. But what does that teach us as Christians in the twenty-first century?


God’s Blessing on His People given by Joel Meeker

A model prayer in the Old Testament teaches us many encouraging things about God's desire to bless His people.


Who Can you Trust? given by Clyde Kilough

Trust is probably at an all-time low in the world today. But what about among the people of God?  Who do you trust? Should you trust anyone?  Should anyone trust you?  What positive effects of trust, and the negative effects of not having trust? And what is the single most important spiritual quality that assures we can have strong trust within the body of Christ?


When Kings Go in to Battle given by Clyde Kilough

Why must Christians be on a lifelong quest to build godly character? This year's Winter Family Weekend theme centered on godly character, and this sermon examines how the greatest spiritual battles of our lives are often fought internally, and they are won or lost in the arena of our character.


The Destruction of Godliness  given by Jim Franks

What is godliness? How is it manifested in our lives? Slowly but surely we are witnessing the death or destruction of godliness. And the Church is also affected.


Honor to Whom Honor  given by David Johnson

In a world where disrespect is common, it is easy for the Christian to get caught up in that behavior.  But Scripture requires more than avoiding disrespect; it requires respect.  Respect toward our fellow humans and reverance toward God require a different way of thinking, and there is an important spiritual dimension.


Patience and the Plan of God given by Doug Horchak

We often want results fast in life.  God's plan is one that often involves the passage of time, which is also true in our lives as we learn and grow in faith.  Patience is an important element in the unfolding of God's great plan.


God’s Calling for Different Generations given by Clyde Kilough

In the Church today we see a large number of members who are “2nd generation” (or 3rd, 4th, or 5th). There are a number of important differences between “1st generation” Christians—those God called straight out of the world—and those who grew up in God’s way of life. Understanding these differences can greatly affect the way we view our calling, repentance and baptism, issues we deal with in maturing spiritually, and how we develop and influence our children.

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