News for week ending 26th August, 2017

President requests prayers about hurricane Harvey:

From Jim Franks:

As most of you know, a major hurricane is headed directly for the Texas coast. We have hundreds of brethren who live in the area along the coast between Brownsville and Beaumont, a spread of several hundred miles that takes in the entire Gulf coast of Texas.

The storm is predicted to be a major disaster, with potential loss of life and major property damage. Significant flooding is predicted for everyone who lives near the coast and as far inland as San Antonio. Most of those who are in the path of the storm were evacuated today (Friday). Texas Governor Greg Abbott has declared the area a major disaster, and based on that, he is asking for mandatory evacuation of several counties along the coast. This will involve millions of Texans.

The Church is standing by to help in whatever way might be needed. As of this afternoon, all are safe, but that could change tonight and tomorrow. Sabbath services have been canceled along the coast and as far north as Victoria and San Antonio.

Please pray for our brethren in the path of this storm, as well as for others who will be affected by Hurricane Harvey. We are in contact with the pastors in this region and will keep everyone informed as we have news.

Local Weekly News and Events

Venues for Sabbath services on 26th August:

London, [with webcast for outlying members] – 1.30 pm at the 6th Form Block, Hendon School (by car, via entrance next to 63 Green Lane, Hendon, NW4 2AG; walking from Hendon Central station, Golders Rise, Hendon, London NW4 2HP).
Tonbridge, 1.30 pm at the Day Centre, Commercial Road, Paddock Wood, TN12 6DP.

David and Erin Treybig, along with Edward, William and Audrey, returned safely on Wednesday to the Dallas area. As we receive news of them we will pass it along to members.

Coming Sabbath meetings

2nd September, combined service at 1.30pm: Memorial Hall at Soper Hall, Harestone Valley Road, Caterham, CR3 6HY [Gate code 1213] – guest speaker, Mr Ken Treybig.

9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th September, at 1.30pm: London, at the 6th Form Block, Hendon School, Tonbridge, The Day Centre, Commercial Road, Paddock Wood, TN12 6DP.

Next holy day meetings:

Thursday, 21st September – Feast of Trumpets (services at 10 am and 2pm) at Soper Hall, Caterham
Saturday, 30th September – Day of Atonement (1.30pm) in Hendon and Paddock Wood.

News from HQ

In Accord: August 24, 2017 - Trip to Southern Africa

This week on In Accord, COGWA President Jim Franks provides an overview of his recent trip to southern Africa. Mr. and Mrs. Franks visited brethren in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and South Africa. During the trip, Mr. Franks spoke to over 550 people in 11 different congregations. This is approximately 80 percent of the total COGWA attendance in this region of the world. There are many inspiring stories from the members, which he rehearses for this week’s In Accord. With stories from all four countries, this video is longer than our normal In Accord.

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