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The “Church of God, a Worldwide Association - British Isles”, or COGWA-BI for short, is a registered Charity in the UK (reg. Number 1141326) dedicated to helping all who desire a greater understanding of the Bible, and serving the spiritual needs of the COGWA congregations in this region of the world.

There are currently two congregations in Britain, one in Amersham, north west of London, and the other in Paddock Wood, near Tonbridge. We have combined services fortnightly in either Godstone or Caterham, Surrey. These are served by three elders, two deacons, and two deaconesses. Members living in areas too far away to travel to our weekly services are able to view our live services from London on YouTube, listen to previous recordings on the website of sermons, or we post DVDs and CDs of recent sermons to those without Internet access.

We also email our weekly updates to anyone interested in the developments of the Church of God, a Worldwide Association, and list where services will be held during the following weeks.

The range of booklets continues to grow on the LifeHopeAndTruth.com website, including our freely downloadable magazine, Discern. It is also sent in print to those in Europe, Scandinavia and the UK upon request. We promote these resources, along with the daily Bible verses and regular blogs, to the general public. One of the newest additions is Journeys, a step by step review of life-changing scriptures. Another helpful resource is our free online Bible study course of 11 lessons.

It is part of our mission to reach many with the good news of the Kingdom of God, and guide those who God brings to us to become disciples of Jesus Christ. If you would like to support our efforts to preach the gospel and look after the congregations, please click here for access to the NowDonate page.

We welcome all who come in peace and wish to learn more of God's way of life. As a Sabbath-keeping Church our services are held on the seventh day, according to the commandment. Holy Day services are sometimes at alternative locations (see the Announcements page, and for more information on the Holy Days please see our booklet "From Holidays to Holy Days: God's Plan for You"). Details of Sabbath service times and meeting places are found on the congregation page of this local website. We recommend you call the elder or contact person mentioned if you plan to come along — just in case the venue has moved for that week.

Thank you for visiting us online. We hope to meet you in person in the near future.

Peter Hawkins
Co-ordinating pastor

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